Women’s right

by Zeinab

A Human has rights that everyone should respect, and commit to it. There is a law that protects these rights. We see nowadays organizations and institutions that request the equality between men and women. The protection for women’s and their rights, thus every man should respect and not to ignore it.

Unfortunately, nowadays, there are still some men which don’t accept this equality, and they don’t practice it. Me like many other women, my rights were broken, with my inability to hire a lawyer who could bring me back these rights.



My story started after two years of marriage. I gave birth to a kid who had 2 medical operations directly after birth in Germany. He needed special care which can be only provided by his mother.

After two years of marriage which I spent in Germany, my kid had become 11 months old. We came for a summer vacation with the family in our country Lebanon. Surprisingly, I discovered my husband and his family planned to take my kid away from me. After they beaded me and insulting my family, they kicked me out of my father’s house, without any mercy. Without letting me take my son with me. They tore him away from my hands. All of this happened because of the insisting of my husband’s oldest sister. He considered her as his parents who passed.

I went directly to court to take back my kid. He was not yet one-year-old. I pushed a custody lawsuit, but no reaction was made.

During this period my husband went back to Germany and let my kid with his sister.



A whole year passed and I was away from my kid, waiting to see him back and take him into my arms again. Before the law gave me the right of custody, but my husband ignored it for another year, which my kid became 3 years old.

My husband pushed another lawsuit against me for bringing me back home. I agreed to come back to his home but he didn’t want me back. All what he wanted is to divorce me without giving me my legal financial rights. After we agreed on the divorce, with an agreement that gives me the right to see my son 10 days every 5 months, and to take half of my financial rights.

The divorce is done, but he didn’t comply with the agreement, and he didn’t let me see my kid unless 2 times in 5 months and only for 5 minutes. This is not enough for me to hug my son.

I went again to the court and pushed another lawsuit, which gave me the right to see my son in the house of the mayor of my husband’s village once a week.

When I went to see my kid, they humiliated me and used violence against me. I went directly to the police station and I made a report for beating and insulting me.

After this, I went to the religious court and I pushed another lawsuit to see my son. 3 hearings have been made with no decision yet…

Every woman has the right to live in peace and safety and to make a family and hold her kids. There must be a law that preserves the women rights and protect her from domestic violence and to provide her with her need of safety.