The woman

by Lamis

It is said the women is half of the society, maybe all of it. When we come to life, we come through a women’s womb. When we feel sad, we go to a women’s support, when we reach heaven, we reach because of a woman, so mildness to women.

Despite all of that, women have suffered in the old societies from suppression and violence. Maybe because of retardation and retroactive thinking, and still until today she suffers the same in some current societies.


Women in these societies that we can call masculine, does not have the right to be alive, because she is considered useless and socially inactive, but in fact, a lot of women’s have lost their husbands and their fathers or brothers. They became lonely in facing life difficulties, and they still could manage to overcome all of the negativity against her. In her strength, in taking her rights and worked hard to achieve her independence in order for her and her kids to survive. Women could work hard to prove her smartness wellbeing, and this is how she manages to change the way the society sees her, and took her important role in the society.

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Women are different, they have a tender soul, which feels tired when life gets hard, and strong when in pain. But, women are wise and acts with self-possession. This is why we should give them their rights equally to men in all life positions, as they deserve all the care and the thankfulness, and appreciations.

I hope for a day where we can see a law that gives the equality between men and women.

Be a woman that can reach everywhere. Be a woman with pride and do not step down. Colorize your life with trust and sing with glory: You are a woman!