The shout of a refugee

by Kawthar

«ohh» and a thousands of «ohhh» on my country, on our land which we always called home. On the land of our fathers and brothers.

Suddenly we found ourselves foreigners in a land which is not ours. Camps on the roads became our homes, as we are a flock of sheep’s.



The journey of exploitation stats, with trade and bargain of aids. They put sheep’s into the camps until it gets full of disease that affects the kids, the women and the men.

The guardian benefits and others are suffering. The smell causes sickness and other diseases are more dangerous. Some contagious, like skin infections, and the guardian benefit from the milk and the aids. He sells it and get the money, and spend it on fun and other things. Some guardians spend the money on medications for his kids. All of our shouting don’t find a hearing ear.