The lost generation

by Alaa

«knowledge, learning and the alphabet, are the human history…»

In those past 5 years on our beloved country, we have lost our land, our homes, and our schools. The schools who taught our kids the best of sciences. That opens their minds toward making their dreams of the future come true, but unfortunately, now our kids didn’t learn reading nor writing. This is the real tragedy because I do believe that with studying and learning, mankind can make their dreams.


Trapped kids in villages and cities, lost their schools, lost their universities, lost their dream for a better future, lost their weapon in life (study).

Because of this tragedy, a lot of kids became illiterate, even outside the country. Kids are not able to follow with their studies due to the financial situation, as the parent’s focus on providing the basic needs instead of education.

We urge all the helpers and the organizations to follow-up with this matter either inside Syria or outside, to make sure to provide education for children because they are the ones who will rebuild their country,

At the end of my words, I would like to finish with a short quotation that means a lot to me:

«Learning is light, unacquaintance is darkness»