Street Market

by Fatima

Marej Village is known for its popular street market. It is the oldest in the region and founded in 1925. The street market is the biggest and most known and this not only in Bekaa, but in all Lebanon. The sellers are the main key for success. They go weekly to sell their products, with start displaying the products under straw tents in the early morning and sometimes till late at night. In this way, they are able to display all and sell most.

Some also use their cars and trucks to transport and display items, with a minimal payment that varies between 5000 (3.3$) and 20000 (16.3$) depending on the size they are occupying in the market.



Their working days are long and tiring, but very profitable, as Abdo the seller says. He ensured that the business of products selling is profitable enough to support him financially.

The market is well known for its diversity of products that satisfy all needs. Every Monday morning the customers can find all what they need from vegetables to clothing, and from stationaries to grains and cereals. Visitors of the market can find all kinds what they are looking for.



Despite the decreasing in the area due to civil expansion, and the decreased economic situation, the market could survive and remained one of the most attractive markets.

The management of the market is a combined effort between the municipalities and the market sellers. The municipalities provide the services and the infrastructure and organizing the market. On the other hand, the sellers pay fees that can reach about 100 million every year, which leads to economic benefits for all.

I hope that the market remains successful and to see advances every year.