Between difficulties

by Najwa

The woman is working inside and outside the house at the same time. She wants to be superwoman and to be perfect in everything. A woman is working for 24 hours without rest: raising her children, preparing food, taking care of the house and much more.

The women live between difficulties despite this fact she is still strong and she has hope.
If a woman gets divorced she doesn’t get any support even so the Muslim religion should stand behind her. But nobody applies the laws here in Lebanon. We still live with false thoughts.


I have seen a woman with sixty years of age inside the court. She wants to get divorced from her husband and the only thing she gets is 50.000 L.L. (33$)
It is nothing – They married about forty years and her husband left her without a home, without work and without an income.
Of course, she is unemployed and we don’t have a state which is supporting us and helping the women’s.


In Lebanon, we have many problems and everything is related with each other. We haven’t any basic or clear structure.

We need to change or update the old laws to match them with nowadays. Not only the laws should change also our thoughts. We are still living in a man gender country where the woman is playing the second role.

The women still live under pressure for her environment.